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As dance parent of Starz in Motion, I am highly impressed by how the Starz studio owner (Chantal Van-Hoof) and her teachers engage young people in a fun and healthy sport, encourage them to explore their own personal talent and then build social responsibility by creating opportunities to showcase their talent to help others in the community.


My daughter's four-year experience is a microcosm of the opportunity Starz in Motion provides to our youth. She has performed in recitals and competitions to hone her dance skills and create quality performances for Renfrew County. She has developed leadership by assisting a teacher, mentored a younger dancer “buddy”, and is now teaching a class for first-year dancers. Beyond her personal growth, my daughter has had opportunities to showcase dance in at least four annual community events that reflect local priorities, including Remembrance Day to honour our troops and veterans, Relay for Life to raise money for cancer research, Unity in Diversity that brings the best of our community together and town parades that excite future dancers in this healthy and fun activity.


Through each of these community outreach events, Starz in Motion portrays a family-focused, dynamic, creative, and supportive organization that hundreds of young people and families are proud to be involved with. Most importantly, in spite of the challenges of “volunteer fatigue” very small businesses have, the studio encourages our future leaders to give in every way they can using their own natural talents. Beyond fundraising thousands of dollars for research or those in need, Starz role models that everyone has something to give, regardless of their own financial means, family situation or age... and that social responsibility is a highly positive, fun and rewarding aspect of life in Canada.


Since 2005, Starz has inspired thousands of Renfrew County youth from ages 3 to adult to be active, creative, individual and generous to those around them. This history of community contribution is paying it forward for generations as our young Canadians grow up experiencing a “giving back” mindset as a core foundation of our community.

Heather Geiger

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